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2014 Theme: TRC Beyond                   

DECEMBER Series: CHRISTMAS FOR REAL at 8 & 10am Worship Celebrations



MidWeek Worship 7:15pmWe invite you to join Pastor John & TRC family for a refreshing mid-week worship.



Christmas Celebration 8 & 10am Our children will participate in acknoledgin & celebration our Savior's birth.  Come see them worship Jesus!  Pastor John will teach on what's between the cross and the tree.




Christmas Eve Celebration 7:15pm A refreshing Christmas Eve celebration is in store for our Lord and you.  We will bring the praises and songs and worship to Christ, the new born King.  Bring your entire family, friends, neighbors and co-workers with you.




New Year's Eve Celebration 7:15pm  TRC - we want to be ALL IN as we look forward to the new year and what God has in store for us to do for the Kingdom.  Let us come together to show Him we are with Him and ready to serve. 




Unity Worship  We will worship together in one worship celebration to celebrate Dr. King's birthday and the unity we have as we are ALL IN.

2nd & 4th Tuesdays of Every Month @ 6:45pm

Divorce Care Support (thru Jan. 13).Call 713.895.7122 if interested.

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Welcome to one of the most unique group of people this side of heaven, the Refreshing church. TRC, affectionately called, is where the people of God are restored, renewed, revived, and refreshed! We are not a traditional church in that we are not yet building a building, but we are aggressively building people! Come let us restore, renew, revive, and refresh you today!

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physical address: 14300 Northwest Fwy C-1 • Houston, TX 77040
mailing address: PO Box 40608• Houston, TX 77240