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2014 Theme: TRC Beyond                   

OCTOBER Series: ALL IN at 8 & 10am Worship Celebrations



MidWeek Worship 7:15pmWe invite you to join Pastor John & TRC family for a refreshing mid-week worship.



YAAP Hudle w/Pastor John 7pm All young adults (ages 18 thru 30) - are requested to meet w/Pastor John to plan for upcoming team fellowships.  Come give your input.




Leaders & Workers Huddle w/Pastor John + Proposal Writing Workshop 9am All leaders & team members requested to attend huddle.  Training will be conducted for those writing proposals for events/projects.




Man-to-Man Huddle 9:30am It's fellowship time with the brothers of TRC and your guests.  Join TRC Men's Team for a man-to-man time going beyond!




TRC Fall Festival (afer 10am worship) TRC Family will meet at Kemah Boardwalk wearing our TRC T-Shirts to have a fun fellowship & distribute invite cards.  Everyone will cover their own expenses, if any.

2nd & 4th Tuesdays of Every Month @ 6:45pm

GriefShare Support (thru Oct. 28)

Divorce Care Support (thru Jan. 13).Call 713.895.7122 if interested.

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Welcome to one of the most unique group of people this side of heaven, the Refreshing church. TRC, affectionately called, is where the people of God are restored, renewed, revived, and refreshed! We are not a traditional church in that we are not yet building a building, but we are aggressively building people! Come let us restore, renew, revive, and refresh you today!

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physical address: 14300 Northwest Fwy C-1 • Houston, TX 77040
mailing address: PO Box 40608• Houston, TX 77240