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who we are

the Refreshing church Vision Statement

the Refreshing church is the place where the people of God are restored, renewed, revived and refreshed!

the Refreshing church Mission Statement

God's glory is our priority! We will promote the Bible as the inerrant Word of God. We will love each other, learn the Word, build better families, become God-conscious individuals and live a Godly lifestyle. We will intentionally lead lost souls to Jesus, repent of our sins, restore broken people, train the youth and children, and liberally give unto God for the Kingdom's sake.

What type of church is the Refreshing church (TRC)?

TRC is a Bible-based church dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).

How do I become a member of TRC?

You can join the TRC Family several ways:

  1. Before, during or after any worship celebration/invitation period, Life Lessons (Bible study) or any TRC event
  2. Letter from the pastor of your former church to Pastor John
  3. Private discussion with Pastor John at a scheduled time
  4. Express your desire to a member who will connect you with Pastor John
  5. E-mail your desire to become a member at

How can I visit with Pastor John?

Pastor John is passionate about meeting with his members and guests. To offer him an opportunity to pray over your request, please share the purpose of your request in writing or call:

PO Box 40608
Houston, TX 77240

Office phone: 713.895.7122

How can I give my tithes and/or offerings?

  1. By mail at PO Box 40608 , Houston, TX 77240 (No cash please)
  2. At offering time during worship, Life Lessons or any TRC event
  3. Directly to Pastor John
  4. Online at (click on "Online Giving)

In addition, we individually bless our pastor through pastoral love offerings.

With whom can I discuss the business aspects of TRC?

To request a meeting with the operations manager, please contact the admin office at 713.895.7122, stating your purpose so that they can properly assess a potential meeting.


physical address: 14300 Northwest Fwy C-1 • Houston, TX 77040 mailing address: PO Box 40608 • Houston, TX 77240