Our Vision

Our vision for God’s church – the Refreshing church – is founded on Acts 3:19 – Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins maybe blotted out, when the times of the refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord.  We are committed to restoring, renewing, reviving and refreshing the lives of people in the world.

Our mission is to get Christ to People and People to Christ.  We will help you and your family connect with God and others.


We look to RESTORE your confidence to live a great life through the principles of Christ – restoring your relationship with God through committed attention to worship, building a covenant relationship, partnership in Kingdom projects.


We seek to awaken and RENEW the desire to live in victory through the Word of God, a call back to the gospel as the only hope for this world.  Jesus calls us to accomplish this through discipleship – walking in community with those who love Jesus, serving together by seeking and saving those who are lost, renewing our marriages and families, neighborhoods and communities.  We live to bring the renewing power of the gospel to every area of our lives…all to the glory of God


We seek to learn and REVIVE the God-given purpose that has be deposited in us since birth. We pray that we will equip our people to go out in the community, city, country and the world with the all-encompassing power of the gospel to know and accomplish their purpose, including spreading the good news of the gospel to those who do not know of it.


We seek to live REFRESH by the presence of God and our awesome church family for the glory of God.