our HIStory

the Refreshing church began in 2005 when the founder and pastor, John A. Murray, II, heeded the call of God on his life to begin a new kind of church.  Although it took Pastor John three years to be obedient, it was exciting and scary at the same time.   Nevertheless, he walked by faith that God was leading him.   After five months of gathering, meeting, planning and praying and trusting God, we had our first worship on August 14, 2005.   We believed some people would show up, but never thought we would fill the place with over 300, of which 32 people became members; and others continued to come.  And others joined us the next Sunday.

In the first four and a half years, we worshiped, held Bible study, performed weddings, and baptized in rented/leased facilities (including hotels and movie theaters).  We then, for the next eight years, have called a built-out former home builder showroom our home base, our church, God’s house of prayer…on the freeway.  We have been steadfast in the face of several hurricane/flood disasters, freeway expansion construction (for the last four years and counting), economic downturn…as we continue to prepare/plan for God’s permanent home for His church, as well as do the work God has called as to – refreshing lives to His glory.

God continues to reveal and guide us through His vision – making church, worship, teaching more relevant to the people in this present age; dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).  People have come to love church again, experience the realness of God, love themselves, know the hope in Christ and live restored, renewed, revived and refreshed lives.

We would love for you and your family to see what it’s all about at the Refreshing church.  Come experience the genuine love, warm and refreshing atmosphere, love from the people and life transforming messages.