refreshing TEAMS

the Refreshing church believes in having fun in church, loving people, serving God/His people and living the purposed-called life from God.  Church is about God and people; and people are about relationships with God and others.  We are here to connect and grow people in relationships with God and others; help you to know and live your purpose life; and to glorify God in all that you do.  We do this through our refreshing teams  here, serving in and outside of the church:

We are in a technology society where people connect through digital means more than any other medium. This provides huge opportunity for us to use digital technology to glorify God.  We use audio/visual volunteers to share the gospel with the people in the sanctuary and beyond through the use of sounds, lights, slides, video and much more.

Children & Youth

The next generation of youth and children are the future of God’s people, to carry on the vision.  As we continue to prepare/plan for expansion & growth with a permanent worship facility and other spaces, we continue to provide safe and fun environments for our kids to grow their faith and experience God at their level.  We offer worship times for children (pre-K4 through fifth grade) and youth (sixth through twelfth grade) on Sundays and Wednesdays.


Being hospitable is being welcoming and refreshing. Our hospitality team exists to do everything we can to try and help our guests, regular attenders and members have a wonderful experience on Sundays/Wednesday and help them get integrated into the Refreshing church way. They help set up our welcome area, help people navigate through our facility and greet them with smiles, warm & friendly hellos and distribute bulletins to those who walk through our doors.

People Care

Many times we are called to help with the needs of those in the body of Christ at the Refreshing church and/or their family members (in senior care facilities, homebound, etc..  We pour out the love of Christ by providing periodic visits, prayer, hugs, tangible resources, prayer and fellowship.

Reaching Out

Whenever God calls us to the needs of people, our Reaching out team answers.  We provide tangible resources, manpower, prayer, hope, as wells smiles and hugs to them.  In addition, we partner with organizations to help meet the needs to restore/revive them in their situations, large or small.  Whether local/state, nationwide or uttermost parts of the world, we are reaching out to meet the need.

These a just a few of the teams for your gifts to be used here at TRC for God’s glory.