our Pastor

At the helm of our leadership at the Refreshing church is our pastor and founder John Anderson Murray, III.



John A. Murray, III is the founding pastor, teacher, preacher and visionary at the Refreshing church (TRC). He is an encourager with the spirit of human kindness, love, compassion, real straight talk so people understand the Word of God as it relates to them in their everyday life. He is relatable to the people with his humorous and real life stories that will make you laugh, see life and find God and yourself in every story.

Pastor John attended Texas Southern University (Houston, Texas) and is an accomplished gospel saxophonist like no other.  He and his wife, Shurronda, have been married for more than twenty years, parents of two daughters and a son. He studies something about church every day as he is an avid passionate reader and wants to gain knowledge and insight to help people connect to Christ and connect Christ to them so they can become all that God has created them to be. He has a love for food and sleep, of which he does very little of the latter.  You can expect to receive an email from him anytime of the week and/or early hours…always looking for what God would have us do.

Along side of Pastor John are his wife, staff, elders-elect and team leaders to help carry out God’s vision at the Refreshing church.